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No Bullsh*t
Cloud Solutions.

Disrupting the cloud management industry standard because frankly – it currently sucks.

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We Deliver, Actually

Trusted Cloud
Solutions From Day 1.

With something like 75 years of combined experience, our team is more than familiar with the fluff and false promises (and padded budgets and timelines) in this industry. We clean up the horribly insecure and downright dangerous messes our competitors make every day.

Custom Solutions


Promise big and charge bigger. Fancy assessment 6 weeks/6 months/$300K, company is left holding an expensive diagnosis and cookie-cutter strategy. Project execution, delivery?


Your custom delivery is our promise from day one. We don’t waste time, pad budgets, or compromise our values for bucks. We deliver trusted expertise, no frills, no fluff – no bullsh*t cloud solutions.

Cloudshape is a Multi/Hybrid Cloud Management Solution.

We provide value from day one. We treat your infrastructure as an application, and deliver custom cloud solutions.


The process of re-architecting and re-platforming legacy applications to take advantage of new technology architectures, platforms, and processes.

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Multi-cloud infrastructures provide advantages for companies and businesses, such as scalability, risk management, and financial benefits.

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Dev(Sec)Ops/SRE Architcture & Modernization

Development, security, and operations – automate the integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle.

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Questions about cost?time?security?

We don’t blow smoke or pad budgets. Custom solutions mean different costs, but we’ll tell you right here: You’re looking at paying 80% more than you need to with most competitors, true story.

As long as it takes. We deliver excellence only.

Top of mind, yours and ours. We automate and create guardrails faster than you can get application features to market. We don’t pad budgets or pat asses. We’re willing to go toe-to-toe rather than appease a mistake – we will never let you go forward with unstable security, period.

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Ask us how we’ll reduce your cloud run rate by 80%.

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