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A team of truthful experts.

Our Greatest Compliment Is Your Delivery

We value honesty, integrity, and excellence.

Cloudshape creates a new, better path for your company’s future. We simplify the process, enable clients to see real-time results, and provide top-rated reliability, availability, and security of both on-premise and cloud platforms.

No Bullsh*t

Our honesty sets us apart, our expertise saves companies time and money.

Remove Constraints

Eliminate costly constraints for limitless lightning-speed business growth.

Multi/Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Gain access simultaneously to multiple top cloud providers.

Custom Solutions

Our Partners

Unapologetically Who We Are

We challenge the standard because a team of truthful experts shouldn’t be a unicorn.

Our personable and reliable Cloudshape Team are leading the industry in Dev(Sec)Ops and SRE Architecture and Modernization. They have extensive experience with Kubernetes, OpenShift, VMWare, Openstack, and Nutanix. They deliver no bullsh*t cloud solutions.

Phil Roberts

Founder / CEO
(Front-Facing No Bullsh*t Leader)


Founder / CTO / Engineering / Technology
(Behind-the-Scenes No Bullsh*t Master)

Thomas Van Kempen

Chief Revenue Officer
(No Bullsh*t Head of Revenue)

Matthew Cantrell

(Global No Bullsh*t Attractor)


Engineering / Technology
(No Bullsh*t Lead Architect)


Executive Assistant
(No Bullsh*t Ring Leader)
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“We’d love to share a great testimonial here from top clients and global companies who trust us, thank us, and refer us to others, but NDAs are real and we really respect them.”

– Cloudshape


Cloudshape is a quickly growing startup that is far from ordinary.

We’re looking for highly skilled people with integrity who want to be part of no bullsh*t cloud solutions. If a remote position, competitive salary, unlimited PTO, and full benefits sounds good, apply today.

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