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Empowering Your Business with Agile DevOps Solutions to Speed up Its Growth

What is DevOps as A Managed Service?

Trusted DevOps
Solutions From Day 1.

In the fast-paced world, DevOps as a Service is the approach that takes your business to new heights of productivity and innovation. With the right DevOps services and solutions, you can bring together development and operations teams. This can foster collaboration to deliver applications and services at an unprecedented speed and quality.

Custom Solutions

Integration & Delivery Continuously

Our robust CI/CD pipelines and managed DevOps services can streamline development, testing, and deployment, giving seamless integration of software products.

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Active Monitoring & Logging

Stay ahead of potential issues with our active monitoring and logging solutions. Gain real-time insights into your apps and infrastructure with our DevOps services and solutions.

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Service Oriented Architecture

The experts in DevOps security tools at CloudShape will help design and implement services that enable seamless communication and easy maintenance.

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Self Contained Server Virtualization

Enhance your infrastructure efficiency with our self-contained server virtualization. Benefit from our Azure DevOps services or AWS DevOps consulting to get a robust cloud migration strategy.

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Faster Infrastructures using IaC

Leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to accelerate the provisioning and administration of your infrastructure. The DevOps consulting and managed cloud services from CloudShape allow you to achieve consistent and reliable deployments.

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DevOps Success Stories


Digital Transformations are driving comprehensive changes in people, process, tooling.


Agile, DevOps, Cloud will be born in the team, and will eventually scale to the Enterprise.


No one size fits all methodology to support the enterprise.


Quality is core throughout the entire lifecycle and should be engineered at every phase


Open architecture
Open Api
Open Source


Analytics in every step and across DevOps fuel insights for efficiencies and acceleration.

CloudShape is a Multi/Hybrid Cloud Management Solution.

We provide value from day one. We treat your infrastructure as an application, and deliver custom cloud solutions.

DevOps challenges


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  • Automate Where Appropriate
  • Eliminate Risk Early
  • Eliminate Waste


  • Automate Testing
  • Automate Deployments
  • Standardized Devops Ecosystem
  • Value Steam Mapping


  • Manual Testing
  • Manual Processess
  • Manual Releases
  • No Integrated Tools Architecture
  • Tracebility
  • Waste In Existing Processes
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Devops Vs Traditional IT

Planning &
Performance &
Dimensions Traditional IT DevOps
Batch Size Big Micro
Organization Skill Centric Silos Dedicated Cells
Scheduling Centralized Decentralized & Continuous
Release High Risk Event Not Event
Information Disseminated Actionable
Culture Do not Fail Fail Early
Metric Cost & Capacity Cost, Capacity & Flow (Time)
Define "Done" "I did My Job" "It's Ready to Deploy"


Ask us how we’ll reduce your cloud
run rate by 80%

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Managed DevOps services are comprehensive support and expert guidance that a dedicated team provides to optimize your DevOps practices. These services cover various aspects, including infrastructure management, continuous integration, and a lot more!

The DevOps benefits that your organization can get are:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased collaboration between teams
  • Improved customer satisfaction via faster issue resolution
  • Enhanced system reliability
  • And a lot more!
  • Accelerated software delivery

At CloudShape, we offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-managed services, including cloud DevOps management services, AWS DevOps services, DevOps implementation plans, and even providing businesses knowledge about the DevOps best practices.

DevOps-managed services encompass a wide range of activities, such as infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, continuous integration, etc. The right DevOps service providers like CloudShape can handle all these activities for you without any trouble.

Leveraging DevOps services and solutions is an optimal choice for organizations looking to focus on scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. Most importantly, startups, SMEs, and businesses looking to offload their infrastructure management to focus on core competencies can benefit from it.

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