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No two projects are alike.

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Gain Trusted Expertise

Leading the industry in Dev(Sec)Ops and SRE Architecture and Modernization, your no bullsh*t cloud solution will include specifically what your company needs. With extensive experience with Kubernetes, OpenShift, VMWare, Openstack, and Nutanix.

Every Cloudshape client can expect:

No bullsh*t, transparent expectations

Top-rated reliability, availability, and security

Faster implementation times, Reduced implementation costs

Bi-weekly, in-depth demos

Real-time results

Lightning-speed business growth

Discover custom solutions

Application Modernization

Grow with new technology architectures, platforms, and processes.

Application management is complex and proper management is crucial to the success of any digital transformation initiative. When done right, application management will reduce costs and increase competitive advantage. Your existing applications will be more agile, responsive, and scalable to meet the demands of a digital business.

Factors driving Application Modernization include the need to:

Support new business models or processes

Improve application performance or scalability

Better integrate with other applications or systems

Migrate to new technology platforms or architectures

Reduce costs associated with maintaining legacy applications

Cloud Management

Permits easy and more efficient scalability options.

Operating service platforms (PaaS), maintaining and storing customer records, and keeping financial data, multi-cloud infrastructures provide advantages for companies including scalability, risk management, and financial benefits. The interconnection of multi-cloud systems results in a low-latency, high-speed infrastructure with more cost-effective processes and efficient scalability options.

Using Multi-Cloud Systems Provides:

More easily implemented options.

More affordable options.

More sustainable infrastructure.


Move forward faster with built-in security

Integrating security into your DevOps lifecycle will give you the visibility and control necessary to protect the integrity of your software. You need a DevOps platform to simplify DevSecOps.

Using this platform gives you features like:

Application security testing & remediation

Cloud native application protection

Policy compliance and auditability

DevOps platform security

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